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How important is it that I get my HVAC system cleaned?

Whether you are a homeowner, manager, or a business owner, everyone relies heavily on their heating and cooling systems to keep them warm during frosty winters and cool throughout hot and humid summers.

But even with regular use, a HVAC system can trap a lot of unhealthy pollutants inside it – meaning that the air you and your family is breathing could be dangerous to your health.

Common pollutants that are found in most air ducts and vents include:

Dust and dirt
Pollen and Mold
Germs and Viruses
Dust Mites and Pest Droppings

– All of which can cause breathing difficulties as well as trigger colds, sinuses, allergies, asthma, and other illnesses or health conditions. In addition, when layers of dust and fibers build up in the ducts and vents of any HVAC system, it becomes a serious fire hazard.