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Concrete Cleaning

Pressure Washing

We are experts in Cleaning Concrete, Walkways, Pavers, Pools, Cool Decks, Brick, Stone and just about anything with a hard surface.

Our Fence Cleaning service start with an examination of the surface type. For example is your fence Wood, Vinyl, Metal, Steel and does it have a painted.

Are you currently looking to remove debris from inside your gutters or clean the outside of the gutters removing mold, algae or dirt build up?

Are you currently looking for someone to provide Power Washing Service on your Home? Our soft wash system is unique in the fact that it allows us to use a ecco-friendly detergent.

Power Washing

Deck Cleaning

We are experts in Deck cleaning for many reasons but most importantly we have the best tools money can buy and use the right solution to clean.

Power Washing

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At Power Vac LLC of Marion, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, residential Power Washing one of our specialties. Our soft wash system is unique in the fact that it allows us to use a ecco-friendly solutions to kill as much as 99 percent of mold and algae. Get the best curb appeal for your house now. Our power washing is the best in town. Most pressure washing companies will use aggressive methods to try and remove unwanted mold, algae and dirt from the surface that can cause damage to the surface that is being cleaned.​

Call 319.360.9066 to schedule Power Washing Service with Power Vac LLC, of Marion, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

Fence Cleaning

When we use our commercial grade pressure washing system to remove unwanted dirt, mold and algae on the surface of your driveway or pool deck you will remember this service.

Gutter Cleaning